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December 07, 2008



Right back atcha Doe!! xo


Is that it, you are finished posting until 2009? At least you WIPs are moving along, mine are like snails...actually they are birds and walking not's that?

*Staci *

Happy Holidays to you too!
You should join Sunday Stash. There's a Flickr group too. I just joined and is quite fun checking out what others are hoarding. Makes me not feel so bad. :)
I am just glad I can set posts for future dates. I am terrible at keeping up with things like that so I already have the next couple weeks programmed for Sunday stash posting.
Is that cheating?

Oh, I guess I'll stop rambling in your comments now. I keep doing that to people.......

happy zombie

Holiday Happy to you too! Hey, I saw something that I know Pam saw too... your little German mushroom man! Thanks to PKM... she and I have one too! We have triplets!


Hi Doe!

I am Sharon's (of Red Geranium fame) friend. She even told me that we look alike and so did my DH!

Anyway, I love your blog! I recently started making a tumbler quilt out of American Jane fabric, so I was excited when you posted the pictures! I am having trouble joining the rows together. Can you give me any suggestions?

I first sewed 2 tumblers together and then I made rows out of the blocks.Is this the correst way to do it?

*Staci *

I think Typepad must be doing something with their site because every time I try and reply to you I end up posting on my own blog....


Happy Holidays Miss Doe!!!

Mary Anne Drury

Happy Holidays to you too!!!

P.S. .... LOVE all of your gifty quilts from your last post!!! Did you finish them? .... and to answer your question about WIP's .....NOT DONE !!!! The elves need to come and help me RIGHT NOW !!!!


I love this picture....and want them too!!!

...I really love your blog...and have awarded you an award...drop by my blog to pick it deserve it xx



Wishing you back.......:-)!!!!


Happy holidays to you too!


Hope your holidays are *merry & bright*

Best wishes for 2009!


Merry Christmas to You and an Happy and Fabulous New Year!


Yay!!! Happy Holidays, Doe! And we hope that you have a wonderful New Year, too! :)


Happy New Year Missy!!!


Happy new year to you and your family!


Happy New Year to you! I hope you are fabulous!

Emily Moss

Happy New year to you and yours - I do hope you will be back soon. Your blog is so chock full of such delight! I long for more...


Come back..soon...please? Miss you :)

happy zombie

Holy crap... you really are MIA! Dec. 7th... that was like so last year. Hey... it WAS last year!

Jenn Bontrager

Hey, I have been really missing your posts. Where are you? :(


what the???? Are you ok?

car rental lax

That is so cute. Happy Holidays too!!! God bless!!!


Doe it has been a year, come on are the girls taking all of your time still?

SEO Los Angeles

Great photo. Have a Merry Christmas everyone. God bless!!!

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