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October 05, 2008


Melody - The Demanding Doll

Cute, Cute, Cute! But what a mean mom making the kids do the laundry. They are probably willing in exchange for all the new pretties.

jen duncan

OH my goodness Doe. I don't think I could sew those perfectly curved collars and turned pocket flaps if I had a gun to my head. LOOK at you!!! I'm glad it's making you happy. I was looking at those J'aime dolls yesterday. Zoiks!! Some of 'em were upwards of $700!!! A whole 'nother world I didn't have a clue of.

Mary Lou Weidman

Who wouldn't want to try to make a clothesline of happy doll dresses with your darling reminds me of when I was little and I made dresses with a neighbor in her 60's named Ina Mitchell. I owe her my whole career and it started with doll dresses.
They weren't as cute as your Doe.
Thanks for the inspiration, as usual.
Mary Lou Weidman

Mary Ann

How do you make those itty-bitty, teeny-tiny clothes? I bought a Tiny Tears doll a couple of years ago on eBay to regress to my childhood (just smelling her takes me back 50 years!). I bought a pattern, and couldn't handle all the bias curves.

happy zombie

Seriously... I think you've found your calling. Darlingest Blythe dresses ever. EVER! OMG... you have to start your own dress line. OMG. OMG. OMG! And your photos... you kill me!

Do you suppose ME's have a cause of death code for death by cuteness?


Why is your Blythe more fabulous than me? Oh wait I know because she has Doe as a stylist and personal tailor. I think I might resent her and her come hither eyes.


Your dolly dresses are too darn cute, D.! And, on the wee clothesline even! I don't think my heart can take it...yesterday I saw PamKitty's post and followed the links about the doll dress quilt and I swooned! I want to make one (some) so bad now and I don't even quilt. Since I am a Barbie doll collector I have made a few Barbie dresses in the past & now I am inspired again...especially with such cute fabrics these days.


I just love all of your dresses!!! They are beyond sweet - from the fabrics to the pockets to the collars and every detail. So glad to have discovered your blog!

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Lovely dolly dresses! I hope I also skilled of doing this, I have 3 ball jointed dolls and I want to make a dress for them.


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