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September 03, 2008



Stinkin darn cute!!!! Easy does it my over-achiever you :-)!


Very cute! I love those Art to Heart books. It's good to get started early then you can enjoy a relaxing Holiday Season. Smart girl.

Kali @ Poppy Lane

awww, so sweet!
you are so organised, wish I was a bit more.
am so looking forward to seeing your new creations.
xo Kali


DOE!!! That is adorable!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! And yes it's in my colors. How did you know? Merry Christmas to me.


It's for ME, isn't it? I'm so excited - how did you know it would be perfect???




You're one step ahead of me, I haven't started panicking to hear from you!


LOL You're so funny. Christmas stress already? :)


It's lovely. I already have a countdown on my blog and am trying (key word) to get it all done early this year. Can't wait to see your projects as you get them done. All I've accomplished so far is my new organized holiday binder, but I will get more done now that back to school is settling down.

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