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February 10, 2008



Sweet Bea is a total cutie!! I wanna learn to make one of those :) Love that swell I have a jelly roll of it but now I want a fq bundle and charm packs LOL!


Sweet Bea is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen...OMG! Sharon taught me to crochet when I was there but I don't think I'll ever get to that point. I love your little Swell quilt. I have 2 charm packs and a jelly roll on their way...I may just need to get more though...I love it. What cute goodies from Sharon...she's the best!


Doe your crocheting is wonderful. Did you do that just by reading the pattern?? If so,your my hero. Well,your my hero anyway. LOL!!! Your new little he/she/it is just adorable. I just got my Swell bundle in the mail. I love it!! Emma is a cutie as usual. Glad she enjoyed the tissue paper.


Your bear is cute as cute can be!!! That Emma is so pretttttty! Great goodies from Sharon.


Sweet Bea looks pretty darn cute with your signature smile! That cat is cracking me up. Love your Swell quilt! And you.

Mary Anne Drury

What a cutey - pie that Emma is !!! (and I don't blame her for being in a huff after those tabloid photos you took of her in your last post ......)

.....anyhow, I think you did a great job on your drag queen amiqurumi!!


Hi Doe, I am doing the same thing with the swell fabric, I really like it. See you Friday


Oh Doe! I love your Swell fabric!! Are you making it with the same pattern as your Barefoot Roses quilt? I'm dieing to know the name of the pattern! Love. Love, Love Emma!! I have a Ruby that could be her twin! Libby

happy zombie

Sick a needle in her eye,
Sweet Bea cutie is gonna cry!

I'm calling the amigurumi protective services on you!

The last three pics of Emma with the tissue... that's ME after I've bought fabric I've seen on your blog!


Aw, cute kitty! And Sweet Bea is adorable.


Oh dear lord. I LOVE that fabric. It's so Cath K. Must find it...

And Emma is shameless in her love/lust of tissue paper! What is it about that stuff that they love so much? Mine just go crazy with anything crinkly. Esp if it's 3am.

Will be back in blogland soon! In the meantime, I hope Sweet Bea recovers from her eye injury.


Cute describes your entire post! You are sooooooooooooo talented - is there anything you can't do? :-)


Good job on the he/she!!!!! Love the Cath stuff too!


We have twin cats I swear!


Everything is just adorable in your world, Doe! You're such a talented girl! Love the pics of Emma and the tissue paper - tooooo funny! Loverly gifties from Sharon, too!


What a lovely bear !!! Great job, I love your world, so cute and sweet !

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