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October 20, 2007



Doe, please allow me to come to your house and just roll around in all the beautifulness. Pretty please? :-) LOL


Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doe's back! I love that quilt, you can deliver it in person to me at home, or if you are busy I will glady pick it up and in return I will bring you a pumpkin bundt cake. I know you won't be able to resist that :-)!


Doe you come up with the best quilts and fabrics. That quilt is beautiful. It looks just like something you would do.


Ok, doe, which little pattern is that? I want to copy you, as per usual! That quilt is darling. And pretty and sweet and waaaaaahhhhhh I want I want. (how many packs? Funny, I'm thinking I have actually made that quilt, weird, but just in other fabric.. it is little bits or something like that? Normally a fat eighth quilt? Its super cute. Anyway.And I love that fabric) (and you.) (naturally)


I love the happy, sparkling colors of this quilt! Would look nice in my daughters' room.
And the rabbit is very cute, I want one too!


Just girly enough! Perfect! It's very, very pretty. :-)
And, of course you must tell us what pattern you used. Pretty please.

Where ya been? Been missing ya.


The quilt is perfectly gorgeous Doe! You are so good! Hey, you don't have to complete a project to justify a blog post ;-) We like to see you more often! smooches.


Hello Doe! Love Dashel - he's a cutie! No Christmas talk - it's not even Halloween yet!! I've seen the Christmas-y stuff in the stores already, too. Yikes!
Love, love, love the quilt - I must buy some of that fabric now!!

Lisa D.

Wow - your charm square quilt is amazing! Just beautiful.

happy zombie

You're doing it again. Making me want what you have. I think your blog is infused with crack. I love those Jolly Packs from the FQS (I even love the bags they come in). And this fab... oh so very CK. Of course, now I look at CK and think... SO VERY DOE! I guess I know what I'm doing in a few minutes... shopping at FQS!

You are the pimp of all things cute... and I am at your service!

Tanya Whelan

Oh my gosh!!!!!! That quilt is beautiful!!! Thank you soooo much for making the collection look so good! I love your take on the collection too, girly but not too fru fru, YES, that's what I was aiming for...clean, fresh girlyness.


What a cutie that rabbit is!


Lil Doe,
I don't even quilt but I love your blog. Such a darling quilt and wabbit. I signed up for the Ornament Swap too. One of these days we will be swapping buddies I hope!!! It's so fun to get a swapping buddy.
I loved that notebook you made your last swapping buddy. So cute.
:) Bren


I'll tell you were the "brrrrrr" is. Here in Happy Valley!

I love how your charm quilt turned out! Such sweet colors. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog!


Doe, love that quilt. It turned out cute as usual. And that little guy with the scarf is soooo you. It's adorable. But we are not feeling the brrrr factor here are we?
See you Sat.


Ooooh -- those fabrics are lovely. You're right -- girly without being too frou frou and that is a very fine line!


Love, love , I'm in love with that quilt!


Eye candy, that's what it is...your quilt is lovely - I love Barefoot Roses (very Cath Kidstonish)...and your little guy - how adorable!


I am in love with that quilt & your fabric selection!

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