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October 25, 2007



Wish I could stop by, love the bread, and love all of your photos. I might have to pick up "the Christmas story" for next Christmas!


I'll be in Sharon's class on Saturday, as well. Be sure to be friendly and nice to me! :-)

After class will you take me to your house for some of that bread - it looks really yummy. And, while I'm there enjoying the slice or two of bread will you show me your sewing room?

Mary Anne Drury

Hey Doe! That bread looks YUMMY!! and lookie at your cute kitty all cozy on the bubble wrap (don't the bubbles pop and freak her out when her toenails dig in?) Anyway, you are my Australian connection -- if it weren't for you, I wouldn't know about these great designers and goodies from Australia -- so NOW I just have to order that book and magazine or I just won't be able to sleep tonight. .... AND now I'm craving some quick bread -- I'm gonna have to drop everything and go make some -- thanks for screwing up my day! (because I'm gonna go do that now instead of what I'm supposed to be doing -- I'm easily distracted!)


Oh I would love to be in class on all are going to have a blast. I'm almost finished with my braid is so fun. That bread looks wonderful...yummy!


I So would be in that class saturday if I didnt have to work.........dontcha feel sorry for me??????whaaaaaaa.....


Excuse me Missy, put the baking aside and get busy cutting. I want it all cut out before you walk into that door tomorrow.
That bread does look yummy and I'm so impressed cause I thought Doe didn't bake or cook. See you do!! I have that same timer. Love it.

happy zombie

All I can say is ~WHEW! Thank GAWD you're showing fabric I already have! My AmEx is a tad overused these days. But I've used my Christmas Past (and can't even show what I've made until Spring '08, ha), and now you make me want more! I also get Ozzy Homespun, so at least you didn't pimp me into that either. What's wrong here???

Your bread looks so delicious and now I want to try that with cranberries and pineapples too. OMG.... now you're a food pimp too!

Have a blast at your class tomorrow - I'm so jealous. Bring an apple for Sharon. A carmel apple. Mmmmm....


OhMyGosh! The cast of characters to be at Sharon's class -- do you guys seriously think you'll get any work done??? You better take chocolate to butter up the teacher!


Man, they just never stop coming out with better and better fabric. I almost hesitate to buy anything anymore, 'cause I know something better will be available next week or next month! love that moda christmas roll. You'll have a blast in Sharon's class, no doubt!

Chef Bren

Yummy! Where's my peice of bread?
I have that same recipe and it's delicious! But, I have never put in Pineapple or cranberries in it. Great idea.

I know your going to be laughing and having fun tomorrow. I wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen to all the talk. :) Bren


hey.... I want some of that bread too... too bad I'm not there ... or I'd take some of the starter off your hands!!! :) Mmmmmmmmmmmm


How delicious!


Ooh, that bread looks yummy! I know you had fun at the class, cuz I saw your cute little face on Sharon's blog! Your quilt looks very nice, too!
The Aussie mags you ordered look wonderful - I will have to order a couple of them for myself. Ah, your 'pimping' (as Monica calls it) is working, Doe! LOL!
Emma looks entirely pleased with herself, doesn't she?


Oooh, love those magazines, and that fish, it's crying out to be made!

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