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September 26, 2007



Doe, That binder is as cute as can be, you are so cleaver and creative


My goodness that's adorable. You are so talented and creative! :-)


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! That is insanely cute! I LOVE IT! She is so lucky! I know she will love it too! VERY cute!


omg...I want one!!!! toooo cute!!!! Who wouldn't LOVE that!!!!!


Oh MY, I LOVE that "think tank" notebook, it's so cute.
That's just incredible Doe. Your very talented.
:) Bren


Holy freaking crap. That gets to live with ME!!!!! YAAAAY! I love it!!

You are the best!


OK - now I know that's suppose to have my name on it! Doe you have out done yourself. Where do I stand in line to get me one of these?? How much whinning and begging does a girl have to do?? Tell me, tell me, tell me??!! :-O !!


What a great idea. I save ideas too, in plain black binders. Claire is going to LOVE it (sorry, she won't give it back!)


oh ho sweet!! YOU truly are an inspiration to so many! I love this idea! May I borrow it? (Just the part about prettifying a 3 ring binder, they are all on sale right now!)


Doe! I am about to cry in my cheerios over the cuteness of this thing.


Perfection!!! She has to love it and all it's many details!!!!!


Good God Woman!! Are you SURE you can't quit your day job? Methinks you can sell these as fast as you make them. I WANT THAT DANG EMBROIDERY MACHINE!!!! (stomping foot). Seriously Doe; you're da bomb!!


Really clever. I love how you use your embroidery machine. What kind do you have? I should get mine out more, and you inspire me. Sadly, I'm lazy, so even inspired, I probably won't get it out.Boo hoo to me.


Too freakin cute for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doe that is so, so darn cute. I knew you would out do all of us. DAMN YOU!!!! LOL!!! Where is all that creativiness in that little body???? Cause you sure have a lot of it. Very cute!!!


What a great little project/binder. I want one!!!!


that is so freakin' cute I can't stand it. what a wonderful gift for your swap partner. and, your CK tote is darling. :)


That is the cutest idea, Doe! You are a talented, talented girl!! I bow to your Greatness!!!

happy zombie

I think Clarie moved.
To Astoria.
And she changed her name.
To Monica.
M-O-N-I-C-A... Monica.

Vickie E

That IS cute! Guess you've gotten your creative mo-joe (sp.?) back.


That is an amazing notebook, you are a creative genius. Wow.
I am so impressed. Ok,
Bren Bren Bren heehee.

:) Bren


Completely adorable!

lori marie

doe you have outdone yourself!

this is beautiful:) i want one!



Just a quick hello from The Netherlands and tell you I just love the cover you made for the binder. So cute!!!

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