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March 05, 2008


jen duncan

Hi Doe! Good luck on the diet. :-P In case you want to know for later (wink wink) Wee Play is currently being offered on ebay. Thefatquartershop said they'll email me as soon as it arrives there (I spent a goodly amount of time looking for it before I finally bought the Swell roll today!)


I say screw the diet. LOL!! Well that's what I always say about diets.
Love your little Annie what I can see of her.


Like I said, there's always tomorrow to start that diet!! You know you want more fabric :-)!!!


I tried the diet thing but you know what it didn't work.
now I limit myself $$ wise and now I am much more focused on what I do buy...maybe you should try that
You NEED this ME fabric :)


LOL just send those first 2 magazines to me to ease your temptations. :-)


Ahh as usual your pictures are killing me. Love you Doe!


Oh, a fabric diet, that is so funny! It's true, us crafters do aquire way to much stuff. It's a good way to force yourself to craft with what you already have. Good idea!

happy zombie

YOU... on a diet!?!?! There won't be anything left of you if you diet. And stay strong... my wallet can't handle being taunted with the goodies you buy. SHIT... I can see the goodies in the photos! You don't even have to buy something and it gets me spending! I just HAD to see the larger version of your photo. I should know better. Plus I had to see what was in your dock - I'm soooo nosey. Eh... you need to take your rubbish out missy.

I love those new CK rooster mugs... but I'm gonna get the 4-pack ones with the checks and roses, one day.


You can do it!!!!! But WHY!!!!!!!? Love the pics, I am just inspired looking at the covers! I cannot get Marie Claire in this small town I am in, so I have never even seen it cover to cover! Should I just subscribe and be done with it already? But then if I do, then that carves a little into my fabric budget! Hee Hee...I know cruel.


Wait a've had the ME fabrics since last quilt market?!??? And you've been hiding them? LOL! good luck with the "diet" I'm gonna need to do something like that soon also. I'm thinking of just cutting down...I mean when we go on a food diet we don't quit eating, right? Just cut back--so I think that will be my approach :) I love all your pictures--and you have the best magazines!!!!


Ugh...I'm on a fabric diet too. Part of a New Year's Resolution I made with my friend, Toni. What were we thinking...


Ohh I've got that Good Homes magazine. I am addicted to home magazines I should go on a magazine diet. Where do you get the Marie Claire idees from? if you don't mind me asking. :D


So you're on a diet, and you're tempting the rest of us??? You are a naughty, naughty girl, missy!! All you need are stiletto heels and a whip, and the picture is complete! I feel the need to spend $$$ now.......
I do love ME, too! Looking at her work always makes me smile.

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