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September 12, 2007



Heh, I also have that vintage fabric. Mine has been made into a tablecloth many moons ago, but I saw it at a flea market made into a curtains too. (In the blue colorway.)


Wahoooo - eye candy. Yeah. I've missed your wonderful
pictures. Love that vintage fabric and that pin cushion - I must have missed that one.

Happy Zombie

You torture me is what you do. Pure torture. Torture me with all this cute goodness that I so want to have. All of it. And I MUST know where you got the Cath-shroon!

Hey... you can watch football with me (that's my fave sport to watch). No, that football our DH's watch... the REAL football! Beckham is cute, ok, a freaking man hunk of yummylicious sugar (oh yeah... he can drag drag grass in from off his cleats on my freshly mopped floor anytime)... but even better to watch play is Ronaldinho. So... when are we gonna go to a Galaxy game???!!!!


You're right, I'm dying over the craft books and CK stuff. I'd love some closeups of the quilty looking craft books on the left side, particularly the one on top of the Sunbonnet Sue looking book. And the one almost out of the picture. So are they from super buzzy.. well I guess I can get back there and see for myself. Love the CK. Seriously. And love you too .
Your friend, the Yellow Ranger.


Oh yes...David Beckham...I'm swooning just typing this ;P


You scored!!! Is that the CK sewing basket? LOVE IT!!! Pin cushion is cute too. And of course love the fabric. Now I have to tell you, I love football. Dont understand it but, this means fall is around the corner. So I love football. See how that works. GO NINERS!!!
Glad you finally posted. MY GOODNESS!!! Please don't keep us waiting that long again.


That ck material is too die for and the mushroom pincushion is so cute. So darling.
I will take your posting whenever you have the time, I enjoy it so much.

Take care,

:) Bren


Oooh, you have the sewing basket I blogged about yesterday! I'm jealous! Is it practical to use, because I'm thinking of ordering it myself!
Love all the other goodies, the bunny, wow!!


Hey Doe,
I finally posted my quilt, as I promised it just takes me awhile sometimes. You will have to go over and look at it. The hand quilting on it is absolutely wonderful.

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