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September 17, 2007



Hey Doe that's completely darling. I was just cruising the Cath K site today thinking of your pile of enviables the other day. I think looking at your photos and feeling envy is my new hobby. Anyway, cool to know you got the towels, I was wondering if you got yardage. And I love the mushroom so I'll have to order that. And those crafts books.

Anyway, LOVE the bag. And the cool handle. Did you had sew that? I love how the bag is stiff. I've been using craft fuse, what about you?

Anyway, you're completely swell and I totally love you and your blog and your chums.


I think that *I* need that tote, that's what I think!


I think you should have at least a dozen! :)

dawn it!


OH DOE!!! You shouldn't have. But I accept. That is the cutest dang thing ever!!! Leave it to you. Now bring it over here. NOW!!!


Mine, mine, mine! Afterall it has polka dots!


A sheer stroke of cute infused genius!
I'm with Pam on coveting everything you show us. I'm especially wanting the machine that did that embroidery!! You are a talented and lucky girl!


That is the cutest! And Yes I think a tote for every day would be the perfect thing!


Doe that is the cutest! And yes, I think a tote for every day would be perfect!


You must think I'm nuts :) I commented, and it didn't post so I wrote a new one and BAM! 2 of them show up...

jessi nagy

jessi nagy


That's just way too cute. Can I have it? LOL

happy zombie

Lick. Slobber. Drool. Towel please.


What a great little tote! Love the pink handles!


Doe that purse is adorable, Can't wait to see walk in with that purse on your shoulder. But you better hang on tight to it.

Mary Anne Drury

WOW ! That is the cutest darn tote !!!

Beth Dasecke

yep it is just beautiful


Absolutely gorgeous :)

Vickie E

I just LOVE that tote..I have been looking for quality leather handles for a Figtree quilts "Easiest bag ever" that i want to make. I checked Superbuzzy but at this point they only have the 'clip' on handles and plastic. Oh well I will just admire yours!


What a cute bag, very happy and cheery!


That is such a cute bag, I think you do need at least 7 bags. I especially love the embroidery inside. Darn cute!!
Everyone is coveting that bag and so am I. :) Bren


OMG I think I NEED a tote for every day!!!!! Can you beleive its raining here in southern california!!!!!!!


Cute ,cute, super cute!!


What a Darling Tote!Love Your Blogsite. You are So Talented, So Glad I visited :)



Absolutely yummy!

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