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July 07, 2007



Now that IS a good mail call. Where do you get your Japanese magazines from? I'm waiting for my first issue of Country Threads to arrive....


Uh, Jap-craft??? I love you Doe. Because I have been wanting to say that for ages. I'm hooked on Jap-craft myself. And that country living makes me want to put real pants on and drive my a** to the market to acquire it. RIGHT NOW.
Love the bear and all the stuff. And you. Becuase you're swell!


Doe, you are one funny girl for sure. You crack my butt up. Where did you get that jap-craft magazine at??? I love all that stitchery. And your little bear from Missy is too darn cute. I have gotta buy one from her if you left any there to buy. :-)


That's one major HAUL. Enjoy!


What a wonderful mail call! Have fun! Those stitcheries are very cute.


I HEART mail days like that!! Everything you received is cute, cute, cute!!! The bunny is to die for, as is the Honey Bear! Nice haul, girl - now get busy and do something with ALL that loverly fabric!!!!!
Ahem - "I'll have a Doe Original, please - yes, make that a "to go" order!"
I NEED that Stitchery magazine, too! And, the Jap-craft is just too-too stinkin' ADORABLE!
I have to take a cold shower now.........


What time of day does your mail person come by? - I will be parked on your curb drooling, I mean waiting, for your mail!

Jen Duncan

Girl, you need to win the lottery so you can quit the day job and stay home and make stuff! You've got way too much to do! Tick Tock! :-D Love all your new goodies. But seriously; I think you're a bigger caretaker than I am--sweetly bundling up certain fabric piles before presenting to the public! Maybe you're just nicer than me. ;-) Yeah, that's probably it. I'm the big caretaker..just not a nice one! lol.


glad you loved your fabric! I am making teeny tiny dollhouse quilts with some of mine and then quilts for my kiddos with the rest. I am so glad you liked your fabric! This was definitely one of the collest swaps I have ever done!


I love everything your nice mailman brought you! The bunny is adorable, and the fabrics are to die for.

I, too, got hooked on Jap-Craft when I started blogging. I think Autum at creative little daisy was the one who inspired me.

Thanks for sharing, and making us drool!

Mary Anne Drury

OOOOOooooooohhhhh!!!!!!!LOOK at all that PRETTY fabric !!! AND those fun magazines -- I just got the Country Living mag , too --- FUN STUFF!! I'm also a HUGE Australian craft/quilt mag fan --- very talented bunch those Aussies! I haven't gotten bitten by the Japanese craft mag bug -- but it's looking tempting (just what I need --another distraction!)

Hope the weather cools off and is more crafting cooperative for you So Californians soon! (I lived there in the Pasadena area for 6 years as a penniless newlywed -- no air conditioning in the house OR the car -- and I drove all day seeing my homecare patients -- and I must say I walked into people's houses looking a bit OVER HEATED !!! and my HAIR --- YEESH!!)


I have tagged you on my blog take a look.......


Wow that is a lot of great mail! I really enjoyed the fabric swap and loved all the fabric you sent out!! I'm just finishing my quilt that I made with it!


It's all feast for my eyes...How fun!!


It's all feast for my eyes...How fun!!


It's all feast for my eyes...How fun!!


It's all feast for my eyes...How fun!!


What lovely things.

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