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June 15, 2007



You and your blogs are just too damn cute. I swear they ar the most adorable blogs ever. I love seeing what you are going to post. Those are the cutest labels for your fabric swap. How did I miss that one?? You know I could find 500 5 inch squares in my stash.
Cute stuff.


Oh Doe, you get me all excited about stuff and sewing. Your swappy bits are wonderful and I love the packaging! You're the greatest! Happy weekend!


my goodness so much to report on....what are you doing with the materials up top of this post........goodluck with the bunnies


Now I'm going to have to get off my rear and post more stuff on my blog....been sittin' here for a week not posting...surely to goodness I can come up with something to blog about....however, I'm sure it will never be near as entertaining as yours....but I'm sure gonna try!!!
Between reading your blog this morning and going to all of the links and then their links, and more links I've pretty much shot my morning to H*ll!!!
Oh well.....I consider it time well spent!!! Love that panty purse!!!!!


My goodness you've been busy! Nothing, nothing, nothing on your blog for days and then a long report about all your doings and happenings!

I love Darlene Zimmerman's new line of fabric, too. It's beyond cute!

jen duncan

Oh Doe...every time I visit here I long for a house with just adults in it...everything stays so nice and fresh and clean! Your pics are perfect (and I'm so proud of you for not 'copywriting' each one! ;-)) and your sewing talents are top notch. Great eye for details and color, too. Can't wait to see your signature 'buttons' irl! Love coming here to's def worth the wait between posts! :-D


I had to come back and tell you how much I love your little rolls of fabric with the labels. I want one! teehee

happy zombie

Oh Doe! Coming to your blog is like being a kid and coming to a candy store! I've gone into a cute coma after coming today. Please don't wake me either!

That is an insane amount of fabric to cut! But I do love your fabs and I just LOVE how you packaged them with your ADORABLE tags!

We do a Wash Tub Club at Anna Lena's (lots of fun - I even wrote some of the patterns for it... you HAVE to ask your LQS to order the CD/program from Fabshop Net). This year's WT club were also doing Darlene's Clothesline Club! We just got our pattern for the teapot pillow and it's SO STINKIN' ADORABLE! Though I'm gonna skip the ruffle. Got the tea cozy pattern a few months ago and I'm SOOOO gonna make that too.

Sigh... I just love coming here.


omg! I was so proud of myself for finishing those 500 squares then going the extra mile to tie a ribbon round them, then I come here and see this... LOL! I feel like such a loser! Yours and Jens are just packaged up to the nines! I LOVE EM!
p.s. mine are mostly 30's too!


Oh my gosh! Your blog is on amphetamines! LOL! I'd think about a comment, but you'd already moved on to something else! I can't believe you cut 500 5" squares. What a swap! I think your bunny is adorable, and the head is just the right size for the tail. =)


The igloo was just screaming DOE!!! I knew you had
to have it. I love the picture about Jen's shop,
I hopped on over there and ordered myself a bouquet.
Love your blog - it's pure eye candy! yum!!!


Doe! I have just discovered your blog! How adorable it is! You MUST be adorable, too, I betcha! I have been thinking of joining Darlene Z's Clothesline Club, coz I LOVE her fabrics, but I don't know how many unfinished projects I need to have sitting around my house - LOL! It sure is tempting, tho!!!!!


I only wish I was as cool as YOU Doe! Dang those fabrics are cute, I hope mine do not disappoint-

sara, the house of charm

I'm overwhelemed by the cuteness. I love darlene Zimerman too, and I didnt even know she had a new line out. Sheesh. I need to get with it!!

Ok, wait.... panty pouch? yes, adorable! But... what is it for? for traveling or washing silk ones... I feel stupid now.


Too cute! Can I have a label too? Now I know why I haven't heard from you in awhile--cutting 500 squares? Crazy girl! I love the bunny--makes me want to join the bunny swap, too. BUT, I've got to learn how to sew a straight line first and finish my first project. I've got to keep reading... on to your next entry! (Since it's been awhile!)

Vicki W

Just found your blog - it's wonderful! I'm looking forward to reading it on a regular basis.


So much to look at and drool over, just not fair I adore your labels, just way too cute. Tried to reply to your comment on my blog but you must have your's set at no reply. Have a fun weekend.


So much to look at and drool over, just not fair I adore your labels, just way too cute. Tried to reply to your comment on my blog but you must have your's set at no reply. Have a fun weekend.


So much to look at and drool over, just not fair I adore your labels, just way too cute. Tried to reply to your comment on my blog but you must have your's set at no reply. Have a fun weekend.

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